This week I had the pleasure to speak with Matt Thompson. He is in the Air Force and is  currently stationed in Albuquerque at Kirtland Air Force. Before he is transferred, he had an idea to benefit the Friends of the Sandia Mountains. He decided he would run 100 miles in the Sandias to raise money for them. Welcome to the Watermelon 100.

Starting May 13th, Matt will traverse 100 miles in the Sandia Mountains, without loops or backtracking. He will be accompanied by friends and family when they can and it's all for a good cause. You can follow the Facebook page here and the YouTube channel here.

Matt wanted to find a way to give back to the community before being transferred and I think this is a great way to give back. He talks about his start in running and trail running. How his chance encounter with a now famous trail runner helped lead him down this path. He also talks about the group he's been able to be a part of while in Albuquerque and his love of the trails.

If you want to help out check out the Friends of the Sandia Mountains above, or click here for the Go Fund me page. 

The weather is getting hotter, the fires are still burning, and I know there's a lot of people and organizations that could use your help. This is highlighting one of the many. So, help where you can, stay hydrated, stay safe, and keep running, New Mexico.

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